How to pack

Packaging Guidelines

Kindly read and follow this guideline to ensure your parcel gets to its destination safely:
  • Chose a packaging size that fits. If it is too big, the content might get damaged when shaken.
    If it is too small, the package might break during shipping.
  • Protect your item against damage while it is being transported and delivered
    (internal cushioning and strong external packaging will protect against shocks).
  • Suggested packing materials are bubble wrap, wrapping plastic, corrugated cardboard,
    shredded or rolled paper and polyethylene foam sheeting.
  • Sharp or pointy items should be protected carefully.
  • For heavy items, make sure they cannot move within the parcel during delivery
    (this could damage the outer packaging).
  • Inside the box, put a name, address and telephone number.
  • Boxes should be sealed securely with a minimum of two to three strips of high quality tape
    (at least 38 mm wide).
  • If you have any large items that do not fit your boxes or our boxes, please contact us via
    phone or email so that we can provide you with the relevant advice.
  • If necessary, use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker.
  • Make sure that your parcel does not contain any prohibited or hazardous good
    (see our Prohibited items guide).

Your responsibility

Please insure that your parcel does not contain any prohibited or hazardous good and that it is packaged correctly. By accepting a parcel, the site ( or the transporter chosen do not acknowledge that the packaging is adequate or the contents are acceptable.

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